Honor The Past While Looking Forward

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Christianity
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The church I attend celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this weekend. Many former members and pastors returned for this celebration. Several of the pastors spoke or gave sermons today. Several good points were made that apply to both our church and many other churches out there. We need to celebrate the past, but we need to do so without taking our eyes off the future. A church can’t become so wrapped up in it’s past accomplishments, that it forgets there is always work to do. We can become so wrapped up in what we did that we forget it really wasn’t us who did it anyways. Everything we have and everything we accomplish is by the grace of God. When a church starts saying, look at the beautiful building we built and look at how many people we are bringing in, a fall is soon to follow (Proverbs 16:18). It is not of our doing or the pastors doing, but of the power of Christ in us. That being said, we must move forward. As a Christian, we are to be serving the Lord until we are called home. When we get older, the manner in which we serve will change. That does not mean when we retire from our jobs that we stop serving God too. Too many times our senior members get burned out or are made to feel there is no place for them to serve. That can’t be the case, because they are vital to the health of a church. They have wisdom from years of serving God that needs to be imparted to the next generation. There is a disconnect in many churches today between our senior generation and the younger generation of Christians. This older generation has lived through a time of rapid changes in the world and in the church. The older generation looks back with fondness at how church used to be, while many in the younger generation have no desire to hear about what used to be. The church today needs to come together and be of one mind and of one goal. We need to learn from the past, while being relevant for today. We need to do all of this with one common goal of sharing the Gospel of Christ. Young or old that message never changes. Jesus Christ saves and He is the head of His church. Many have not heard the truth of the Gospel. It is each and everyone of our responsibilities to see that they do. Let’s move forward together with Christ as our leader.


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