Biden on Abortion

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Christianity
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Sen. Biden was recently on Meet the Press. Midway through the interview, Sen. Biden was asked a question about when life begins. During his answer he said he was prepared to accept the teachings of his church, the Roman Catholic church. He said he was prepared to accept that life begins at conception. All good answers up to this point. But he then goes on to say that is his personal judgment, and he would not impose that on others in a pluralistic society. That is the worst possible answer I could have heard. Sen. Biden is basically admitting that abortion is the taking of life, because he believes life starts at conception. But he is unwilling to tell others that they can’t take that life in our pluralistic society. So he is perfectly fine with someone making the choice to take innocent life. I have more respect for the person who contends that human life starts at a later point. He goes on to say that he doesn’t support public funding of abortion because that flips the burden. That is great, but his running mate does support public funding of abortions. In the long run, I think Sen. Obama’s opinion would win out if they are elected.

Sen. Biden has a very slippery slope he is walking on. If the taking of human life is a choice he can live with here. Where does he draw the line?  Euthanasia is not far behind. Does taking the life of the elderly or chronically ill also become a choice?  When we get to the point of devaluing life to a choice, anything is possible. We have become a throw away society where the only thing that matters is self. If having a baby is inconvenient, get rid of it. If being married is inconvenient, get a divorce. If the pastor speaks too tough, go to a different church. We need to recognize that there is a moral right and wrong. We need to recognize that our morality should be set to the standard of God, not our elected officials. Our Supreme Court has in the past, upheld slavery and determined that blacks did not count as a full person. Do you want them telling you what is right and wrong?

  1. morsec0de says:

    “Sen. Biden is basically admitting that abortion is the taking of life, because he believes life starts at conception. But he is unwilling to tell others that they can’t take that life in our pluralistic society”

    Because Biden is able to separate belief and fact. His belief about when life begins does not impact the fact of when life begins. (That fact being, we currently don’t know.) And until we can determine the fact of when life begins, we can’t base legislation off of one groups religious beliefs.

  2. Jason Taber says:

    We do know when life begins. Even some pro-abortion groups recognize that life begins at conception. If a woman has something growing inside of her that comes out human, how is it not human from the beginning? It is not alien or nothing at all, and then one day poof now it is human. It is human from the beginning. This is also not relegated to one groups religious beliefs. Many religions believe in this, as do many who are not religious.

    The science is there to back up the facts. Here is part of a recent article from the Washington Post citing a leading scientific text.

    “Included was American medicine’s most prominent human embryology text, “The Developing Human,” whose authors are not imprecise on the matter of life: “Human development begins at fertilization when a male gamete or sperm (spermatozoon) unites with a female gamete or oocyte (ovum) to produce a single cell — a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marked the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.”

    In other words, human life begins at conception. That is not a religious posture, but a scientific fact that the lowest paid laborer on the planet can assert without qualm. What we do with that understanding is another matter, but no one in the 21st century should pretend not to know when human life begins.”

    Claiming there are no facts is just an easy way to avoid the issue. Confronted with the facts many would still hold to their pro-abortion stance.

  3. TOM SPANGLER says:

    Abortion is the murdering of an unborn baby. However, as Evangelical believers many times our response to this terrible sin is to support politically the person and or party that says what we expect them to say. Additionally, our response is to legistrate (pass laws) forbiding abortion. If that happens, we then must support criminalizing the people (the abortionist & the woman) who breaks the law. It is a never ending cycle when dealing with sin from a worldy prospective.

    Both believers and the church must take the forefront and responsibility (not our polictical system or laws) to bring change and condimnation to the sin of abortion. It seems that election time is when “we evangelicals” want to make the most noise about abortion. The canidates / party will use this opportunity to gain our vote but when the election is over abortion becomes just another issue for all of us.
    Thinking that we are selecting the right canidate based mainly on His Or Her stand on abortion is very short sighted. There are equally many more positions that the canidate is taking that we need to consider before casting our ballot.

    As believers and church leaders our greatest work against this terrible sin is not at the ballot box but in leaving the 4 walls of our church building to reach the many woman who may be thinking or may have already had an abortion.

    Take a moment to put a face to the 1.37 million women who made a choice to kill their unborn child.

    # 52% of women obtaining abortions are younger than 25.
    # 32% are women between the age of 20-24
    # 20% are teenagers
    #1.2% are girls under 15
    (this stat is certainly represented in our churches here in Jasper)

    #37% occur to black women
    #34% occur to white women
    #22% occur to hispanic women
    # 8 % occur to woman of other races
    (more than 1/2 of this number would be represented in our churches here in Jasper)

    #64% of all abortions are performed on never married women
    # 18% women that are married
    #9.4% women that are divorced
    (certainly these numbers are represented in our churches in Jasper)

    The next stat. will surprise many of us!

    #37% women that identify themselves as Protestants
    #31% women that identify themselves as Catholic
    #1.3% women that identify themselves as Jewish
    #23% women with no religious affiliation

    #18% of all abortions are performed on women who identify themselves as “Born Again / Evangelical”

    As believers / church leaders what does this stat. tell us? Many of the women are from our churches. As a body of believers why are we not reaching them before it is too late. Are we caring, reaching out, having empathy, or are we caught up in our confortable buidings and weekly Bible studies? Is our answer to the hurting is “put it on the prayer chain” or read the church constitution.

    Low income poor are the largest segment that would get an abortion…..think again!

    #28% women w/ family incomes of less than $15,000
    #19% women w/ family incomes between $15 & $29,000.
    #38% women w/ family incomes between $30 & $59,999.
    #13% women w/ family incomes over $60,000

    The final stat. – Why do women have abortions?

    #25% wants to postpone childbearing
    # 8% wants no more children
    #21% can not afford children
    #11% having a child will disrupt either education or job.
    #14% have relationship problem or partner does not want the child
    #12% to young or parents object to having the child.
    #3% risk to mothers health
    # 2% other

    (please note all of the above stat’s came from the Alan Gullmacher institute )

    I believe that the response should be from the believer and the church leaders as being proactive … church sponsored pregrancy hot lines, time & money in church sponsored youth ministries, invest church funds into advertising – newspaper, radio, e-mail that will give women a direction to Christian help, use of the church faclities for low costs day care for low income – single mothers. church sponsored siminar’s on adoption, classes for the singles / divorced, fellowships designed for singles. These I am sure are just a few of the many things we can do to really make an impact on abortion.

    We need to save our time and energy on thinking that either canidate (McCain / Obama) will make a positive or negative change in the sin of abortion. Also, we should reframe from criticizing, condeming, and judging anyone’s political position as being right or wrong. Let’s take th path of Jesus and His love and concern for the person. He always left the legalism to the Pharasee!

    God Bless
    Tom Spangler

  4. Jason Taber says:

    There are some things you have said that I agree with, but there are many I disagree with. I don’t vote for what people say. I look at how they vote on the issues and then I determine who I will vote for. All four people involved in the presidential election have clear voting records on this issue.

    I don’t think that criminalizing abortion is simply a worldly thing. Religious ideas have been used since the beginning of our country to legislate. If murder or slavery was made legal, I think it would be our responsibility to fight against that as well. Criminalization is a deterrent to those who do wrong.

    For me abortion is an issue all the time, not just during elections. It comes to the forefront at election time, because this is the time you can get heard by the most amount of people.

    As I have said before, I agree there is more than this issue. But there is no issue more important than this issue. If one looks to the economy as equally important to abortion, than they are not approaching it with a Christian worldview. From a Christian worldview that is nothing more important than human life.

    I am not too surprised by the statistics. They say that 70% are religious of some sort. I think anyone who attends a Christian church should know that many who profess to be Christian really are not. Many attend church just on Sunday, making them hard to reach. Without making a personal connection it is hard to reach them. We should care for the hurting no matter what the situation.

    I think we would be foolish to assume that the President of the United States has no impact on the issue of abortion. When it comes to judging political positions, the bible tells us to be discerning in all things. I believe this includes politics. We should not be condemning a person, but we should condemn their bad political positions.

    We should love the person just like Jesus, even if they have already had an abortion. But we must not forget Jesus was more than just love. He loved the person, but condemned the sin.

    Legalism is the requirement to follow man made rules or a list of rituals in order to obtain righteousness. Legalism would be saying a person can’t go to heaven if they have an abortion. We have freedom in Christ, but that is not license to sin.

    Christians always talk about love. Everything is about love. Should that love not also include the unborn? We are all sinners. But if we truly love the unborn, how can we vote for someone who promotes sin. Sin is not okay, and we should not support it.

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