Gospel Missing From Bookshelves

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Christianity
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Go to your local christian bookstore and check out the titles. Noticeably missing are books that focus on the Gospel. There are some there, but you may need a ladder or flashlight to find them. You will find titles called, The Shack, Sex God, 21 Ways to Finding Peace & Happiness: Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Discontentment Every Day, Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day, and Claim Your Victory Today: 10 Steps That Will Revolutionize Your Life. Why do we not see books such as The Truth of the Cross by R.C. Sproul up front when we walk in the door. I have seen articles comparing The Shack to The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. How far have we fallen that a book with false teachings about the Trinity could be compared with a classic like Bunyan’s book? It is not the christian bookstores fault. Much of the problem can be traced to the church down the street.

Christians no longer have a desire for meaty subjects, because most pastors feed them sugar. Preachers from the 1700’s and 1800’s would be ran out of most churches today. Why? Because nearly every message contained the Gospel. They preached from the Bible and they were unashamed of it. They were less concerned with making the congregation happy, and more concerned about making God happy. No topical sermons on how to have your best life now. People have become so full of this watered down preaching that they look for books of the same sort. If a non-christian can hear a sermon and completely agree with it, there is a problem with the message. The Gospel is offensive to those not in Christ. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the number of Christians who would gladly sit through a sermon that would make Oprah proud. I want some meat when I hear a sermon. I don’t come to church so that I can leave feeling good about myself. I come to church to be fed. I want to leave with some meat to chew on. It is time for pastors to preach the Gospel, and for churches to get rid of the ones who are not. We need to stop buying worthless Christian self help books, and start buying books that actually equip us for ministry.

Are you unsure what you are being fed by your pastor? Listen to almost any message by Paul Washer and you will hear Gospel preaching. You don’t have to agree with all his doctrine, but you will get the Gospel as it should be presented. If you have been getting nothing but sugar from your pastor, you will be offended as soon as Mr. Washer opens his mouth. The church has lost it’s power, because it has lost the Gospel. If we return to the Gospel, we will see the Spirit move in the church again. It is all about Christ on the cross, and Him crucified for our sins. Jesus did not die so we could be healthy and wealthy. Pastors take up your cross and feed your sheep.

Check out Paul Washer challenging pastors.

  1. reformatienl says:

    25 indictments against Paul Washer:
    1) willfully limiting the subjectmatter of Scripture
    2) willfully presenting his own fabricated version of true christianity
    3) willfully bringing himself under a cloak of godliness
    4) willfully closing the book of Revelation and the Prophets
    5) willfully painting the graves of the prophets for his own selfish ends
    6) willfully presenting himself since 2002 with remarks that show Billy Graham
    to be his brother, although Graham is high in the world and an archdeceiver
    7) comparison with the whole of Scripture and the true old paths of the Reformation
    show him to be a cloud without water
    8) connection in the Netherlands to all false christianity has to offer, even with those
    who publicly say calvinism is a complete error
    9) presenting himself in 80.000 newspapers in the Netherlands smiling as though
    the sins of the churches and the land are no problem to him
    10) proclaiming a message of revival that has never come, thereby telling lies in Gods Name.
    11) accepting in the core of his message two contradictive systems of doctrine
    12) denying the witness of the Holy Spirit in the Reformation against THE antichrist in Rome
    13) denying the blood of hunderthousands christian brothers and sisters against THE antichrist in Rome
    14) going around the USA and the world to gain one proselyte that he makes a clone of himself
    15) being silent about the developements in the outside world, only preaching for his own parish
    16) laying burdens on small people, while leaving big names in bibleschools, synods, and gospelmusic
    untouched and unmentioned
    17) connecting himself to Kirk Cameron, know throughout the world for the message of a future antichrist
    with Left Behind
    18) himself not being able to go to Wallmart for fear of sinning, yet laying on big burdens on everyone else
    19) printing his own material as though it is manna from heaven, yet is only copying a little text everyone
    knows with some questions
    20) saying he serves the God of heaven, yet he himself is an idolater of the ring on his own finger
    21) his minister is Jeff Nobblit who teaches a future antichrist, that gain is godliness, and remains in the
    SBC although a complete apostate body with a statue for Billy Graham
    22) closing the Kingdom of God for the people by keeping silent about the true contents of the witness of the old paths
    23) denying the true witness of the Waldenses, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters
    24) denying the true witness of Augustine against Pelagius, Luther against Rome, the Westminster and Dordt Synods
    25) being a facilitator and manipulator replacing the true religion of the King Jesus Christ with a false one of the new world order

  2. TOM SPANGLER says:

    I don’t know anything about Paul Washer except what Jason showed on the blog. However, what facts do have to just throw out these indictments. On top of that you don’t even show your name. If you can’t put your name to what you say, then your hiding something.

    God bless and Merry Christmas

    Tom Spangler

  3. Jason Taber says:

    I should probably delete the first comment, but for now I will let it stand. I know many of the comments to be blatantly false. Most of the others appear to be some sort of propaganda for the Roman Catholic church being the antichrist. It would be nice to see proof for even one of the claims. Many people don’t like Washer and I believe I even mentioned that I was showing the video as a proper way to display the Gospel. People can make up their own minds, but I have seen very little from him that I disagree with. I find his pastor Jeff Nobblit to be very sound as well.

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