One Issue Politics?

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Christianity
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The term one issue politics has been used by Christians on my blog and in many other places. I have noticed a trend by those who use this term. They are all Obama supporters. I am really tired of hearing the phrase already. I am concerned about several issues, but some are more important than others. No one ways all issues with the same value. And in my opinion the sanctity of life encompasses more than one issue. It involves abortion, embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide and other issues as well. I think the main reason they use this term is that they really don’t want to talk about abortion because they know it makes them look bad. Every time I have asked one of them what issue they would like to talk about from a biblical perspective, I get no answer or that it is time for a change. That is a nice comment, but what do they want to change? They say I don’t want 4 more yrs of failed Bush policies. News flash, Bush can’t run for a third term. I know some people who read this site will not like what I have to say and might stop reading my blogs. It has happened in the past. That is okay. Here is my challenge, bring your issues (because apparently you have more than one) and bring your Bibles to back it up.

The problem we have today is that we have to many squishy Christians, term used loosely, who are willing to let certain issues slide. Too many people are Christian mainly in name, but not in deed. Welcome to the world of post-modern Christianity where people have forsaken traditional Christianity and traditional values. I agree on one thing, Obama is the candidate for change. Unfortunately, I believe the changes will be bad for Christians. Gay marriage, abortion on demand, and the fairness doctrine are all bad from a Christian worldview. Also trying to follow what the Bible says is not legalism, because I have had that term tossed my way too.

  1. paolo says:

    Agreed. There’s too much about ‘faith and politics’ that it gets nauseating.

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