The Powers Of God

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Christianity
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It seems that far too many people who claim to be Christians don’t fully trust in the power of God. Take Dutch Sheets for instance, who claimed a revelation from God about the election. Dutch made this long proclamation about how God revealed to him that McCain/Palin were going to win. In case you missed it, turns out that didn’t happen. Lucky for Dutch we don’t treat false prophets today like they did in the Old Testament. False prophets were stoned in Old Testament times. So what always happens with false prophets, they have to cover their tracks. Now on the front of his website, Dutch has a statement about the election. He says it wasn’t a prophesy or guarantee. When you claim to have a revelation from God, I don’t know what else he would call it. He goes on to say that the election did not happen according to the will of God. Now he has reduced the power of God. Everything that happens is within the will of God. There are certain things that He decrees to happen that are hidden from us. There are also things that happen that He permits to happen. Both are still within His will. God is not so powerless that we can somehow stop what He intends to happen.

He then says if we place too much emphasis on God’s sovereignty, we are worthless. The problem is many Christians don’t put enough emphasis on His sovereignty. We want to do things our way. We don’t want to be patient and wait on God to move. We don’t want to trust that God is fully in control. That doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing. But when we do something, we must make sure it is of God and not of ourselves. We like to take credit for things God has done. I cringe when I hear Christians do this by saying things like – I made Jesus Lord of my life. No you didn’t, Jesus is always Lord. We may have finally accepted it, but we didn’t make him Lord. He is Lord. Or how about when someone asks a pastor how many people they have saved. None, only God can save anyone. We have this nature to bring Him down to our level. This is idolatry when we reverse the correct order and make God in our image.

I believe the election was the will of God. I don’t think we should try to guess what God’s decretive will is. We need to let God be God. He is greater than the enemy and we can take comfort in that.

  1. edmond kwan says:

    I think the real problem isn’t that “christians” do not trust the power of God, but that so few can be trusted with the power of God, because we remain His children and do not grow up to be His sons that can take on the responsibility of the true well being of His Kingdom. Dr.Ed, a footstool of Jesus Christ.

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