House Of Dark Shadows By Robert Liparulo

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Reviews
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If you have ever read Liparulo before, you will recognize his ability to come up with creative story lines. In this novel by Liparulo, House Of Dark Shadows, he has come up with another interest holding story. The book is the first in the Dreamhouse Kings series. The story follows the King family and their move from Pasadena, California to a small town in Northern California. The attention quickly turns to the two boys in the family, Xander age 15 and David age 12. As the family is house hunting, they come upon a old deserted house that just seems to be a little different. As the boys begin to check out their new house, the adventures begin. They come across hidden passages and dark shadows in the night. To top things off, they find a hidden family secret that was long ago buried. A secret that now affects the whole family.

This book starts off with some basic character building, but quickly turns into an action packed book you will want to keep reading. The book keeps you so focused on the main characters that you almost forget about some of the things happening on the fringes. But the things on the fringes will jump up and surprise you when you least expect it. The only bad thing about the book, is that it is the first in the series. The ending leaves you wanting more. The second book is now available also, with the third book planned for release in Jan. 2009.


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