President Doesn’t Take Bible Literally

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Christianity
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President Bush was on Nightline this week and said that he does not take the Bible literally. Once again we see another prominent person, who claims to be a Christian, who looks at the Bible as a storybook with good lessons. I am grateful for many of the positive moral decisions that he has made in the last 8 years. But that does not prevent criticism on what is really bad theology. Someone from his church needs to approach him about many of his theological views. I doubt that will happen because we live in a culture where accountability and church discipline doesn’t happen. There are prominent Christians speaking  regularly in public about things that are contrary to  the Bible, and no one ever holds them accountable. What happens when this is allowed to happen?  Their theology just continues to get worse.

The President went on to say that he believed all religions pray to the same God. That is a heretical belief that keeps someone from salvation. So, we have a Christian man on national television sending a message that will send people to hell. Jesus is the only way and there is only 1 God, the God of the Bible. Without belief in that, there is no way for forgiveness of sins. I would  hope someone close to the President is concerned enough about his salvation to talk with him about these statements. The interviewer did an excellent job at calling him on it. She asked him if that was true, did he pray to the same god as the terrorists who flew planes into buildings. He had to evade by saying he didn’t think that they were praying to a god. He played on the common theme that they don’t truly represent Islam. Unfortunately, they do represent what Islam really is all about.

I am to the point when I see someone claiming to be a Christian on tv that I don’t want to watch. The people chosen to represent Christianity, don’t really represent Christianity. They make us look stupid, hypocritical and just plain goofy. We have Rick Warren on tv repeatedly and never laying out the Gospel to people. We have the President not taking the Bible literally. We have Todd Bentley kicking people in the stomach on stage. Then there is Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals openly admitting his view of homosexual unions was shifting away from what the Bible teaches. We can’t forget pastor Ed Young and his 7 day sex challenge for his church. And there is Joel Osteen, enough said there. Are these the people who truly represent Christianity? It is no wonder we have lost our influence on the culture. A non-believer has no reason to want anything to do with the junk they see on tv. On CNN and Fox News the question is always asked of Christian guests, what happens to those of us who don’t believe like you. I am still waiting for someone to give the biblical answer. Without faith in Jesus Christ there is no way for your sins to be forgiven. And you will stand before a holy God who will judge you. No one can stand justified before God on their own merits. Everyone needs a Savior and without Him there is no hope of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. That message is not popular, but we must continue to proclaim it.

  1. TOM SPANGLER says:

    I also saw the interview last week on Nightline with President Bush. In one way it really surprised me, but on the other hand it again made me realize that politicians will say or verbally support anything just to get votes. In this case President Bush (who I voted for the last 2 elections, because of his “Christian values and abortion positions) is not running, but rather is termed “a lame duck”. I personally feel that had President Bush been running you would have never seen him being part of this type of an interview. His agenda was to gain some statesmanship with a cross section of people. Something he has not enjoyed over the past 4 years.

    This is why as Christian believers we need to realize that “The Govt” is not the tool for change when it comes to matters like abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality, and many other issues that we look to the “party or man” to make the difference. We as believers, church leaders, and church families must take the lead in making a difference. Just like President Bush exposed his true sinful nature, so do we when we just talk the talk and not walk the walk.

    The last subject about Planned Parenthood was very informative. I have always held (and still do) a very negative view about this organization. However, I started to look into more of what they do and how they go about it. Their web-sites, their openness to help and provide, and many other things they are offering young people certainly comes across far better than what many of us as Believers. This caused me to look at many church web-sites right here in our county. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is where many people (believers and non believers) turn for information. Most church web-sites are not even kept current. Many are cold and list only service times, events, and their own mission statements. Is this a reflection of how the leaders and the People within the church really feel about the lost and the hurting? No wonder large numbers of people look to worldly churches and preachers that will give “feel good messages and wicked organizations like planned parenthood that will at least try and provide help and solutions for troubled youth. While we as Christians / Churches have the knowledge and the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ we are quick to condemn, criticize and complain. We put our budgets in buildings, staff, and foreign missions that we hardly know anything about or who is serving.
    JESUS is our example . He proclaim the message, had compassion for the poor and fed the thousands.

    God Bless
    Tom Spangler

  2. Jason Taber says:

    Planned Parenthood is bad period. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t think we should determine the worth of something only by a website. Actions are usually more telling than words. Planned Parenthood’s main purpose is that of a business. Abortion equals money, not to mention the tax payer dollars they receive. Any Christian who would support this organization is far from following the Bible. Jesus would have never supported a person or group that killed children to supposedly help the poor. Anything not done for the glory of God is wretched in His eyes. What they offer young people is absolutely nothing. Let’s be real, most young people go there as a get out of jail free card. They will be told it is okay to do what they are doing, even though deep down they know it is wrong. Christians are by far the most giving group in the world. As far as budgets go, I would agree too much goes into buildings. I would say most staff is underpaid. The Bible says elders are due double honor. From the study I have done and from commentaries I have read this honor includes wages. I also think missions support is a must. I am not sure why you need to know who they are. That would be like saying you could only give food to hungry people you know. That may be who you support first, but I don’t think we should stop there. I also don’t think the answer is in church programs. It should be individual Christians doing the work. The purpose of the church is to teach and equip members to do the work. The church is for believers, not unbelievers.

  3. TOM SPANGLER says:

    Yes, Young People go to Planned Parenthood “as a get out of jail free card” (very well put), but as believers / Church leaders we need to ask the question Why? We also need to ask the question as believers / Church leaders are we making these organizations more attractive for young people to seek help, due to our level of commitment to reach out and help. A web-site certainly is not a measurement but it is a visual sign to someone that is looking for help. We just need to be more visual than Planned Parenthood with the saving grace and love of Jesus. Web-sites that express this message and one that offers help is just a beginning and a lighthouse for young people in trouble.

    Mission support is a must but climb into the lives of your missionary’s. In todays world it seems many of the missionaries are face less people who we only know by name or a short video. A few years ago the missionaries would visit the churches (when they came home on fur low) and report back the many miracles that was happening in the field.

    I saw the following on a church sign : If the church doors were closed to sinners, our building would be empty!

    God Bless
    Tom Spangler

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