Prayer For The Sick And Hurting

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Christianity
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There is always the question of why God allows people to suffer, especially children. We can never fully know what God has planned in those situations. We can however be assured that He is using the situation for a greater cause. We also know that He provides comfort to the families involved. With that being said, I want to offer some local situations where we need to pray. The reason I have gathered these names, began because of little Garett Chanley. His family used to attend First Baptist and are now attending Fellowship Baptist. In April it was discovered that he had a brain tumor. He is currently 3 yrs old and has recently had some setbacks. It continues to amaze me what great faith and courage his family shows on a daily basis. I have put a permanent link on the blog that details his progess. CaringBridge is a site that allows for the families to post updates and for others to leave messages to the family. Please pray for Garett and all the other local children listed below. If you have any others feel free to post them on the blog or to email them to me.

Garett Chanley from Otwell, IN  –

Brice King from Huntingburg, IN – Brice was diagnosed in July 2007 with stage 4  neuroblastoma.

Laken Parsons from Huntingburg, IN – On April 25, 2005, Laken was diagnosed with infant leukemia at 3 mos. of age.

Gabriel Martin from Santa Claus, IN – Gabriel has had a stroke, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, seizures, and now a diagnosis of optical gliomas (tumors) behind both of his eyes, secondary to neurofibromatosis.

Courtney Blackgrove from Huntingburg, IN – In May 2007 she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ganglioneuroblastoma.

Jack Wolfe from Jasper, IN – On December 31, 2007 Jack was diagnosed with an Ependymoma (brain tumor).

  1. TOM SPANGLER says:

    Thanks Jason for bring these Young childen to our attention. We certainly do need to keep all of them in prayer. Just last night at our Christmas Eve service, we prayed for Garett and his family.

    We also need to remember the Husband and 2 small children (from Huntingburg) that lost their mother & unborn baby in a terrible auto accident.

    God Bless
    Tom Spangler

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