False Teacher – Benny Hinn

Posted: February 28, 2009 in Christianity
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This is my first post in a false teachers series. I will start with Benny Hinn because is one of the most obvious and easy to write about. The church in the United States seems to lack discernment these days. The fact that so many fall for the antics of Benny Hinn should be proof enough. Let’s look at one of his famous quotes; “Don’t tell me you have Jesus. You are everything He was and everything He is and ever He shall be.” However you look at this statement it is heretical. He is either lower Jesus to our level or elevating man to deity. I personally think that he does both. We are not little gods as taught by many Faith teachers, and Jesus is not a little god but God in the flesh.

Many know Benny for his dramatic stage performances. This is where he claims to slay people in the spirit and heal them. After his many years in ministry he lacks medical evidence of his many so called healings. He also has a response to those who were not healed by him. It is their fault because of a lack of faith. This is another common faith movement teaching. People who are disabled or sick are in their situation because they just don’t have enough faith. Hinn even goes so far as to make Job into a bad guy. Job had all the bad things happen to him because he spoke negative confessions. Even though the book of Job makes it clear at the beginning that Job was blameless and upright. These Faith teachers claim to have the very same power of God in their words. Why then does every Word of Faith person eventually die?

That is normal Faith teaching, now let’s look at some of Hinn’s really off the wall beliefs. They are almost funny, if not for the fact people believe him. He once claimed that while in Kenyon, Jesus would show up on the platform at his rally. He also says that since Adam had dominion over the birds, that means Adam could fly. He says that Adam was the first Superman. He could even fly to space if he wanted. He claims he can see the Holy Spirit and what He is wearing.

In the end with all the beliefs that Hinn holds, I doubt that he is even a Christian. Besides not having a correct view of God, Christ or the atonement, he holds to the belief of Tritheism. He believes that God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three separate beings with each having its own spirit body. This puts him far outside the box of orthodox Christianity. A Non-Trinitarian view of the Godhead ultimately leads to the many heretical views he holds. The demotion of God and Christ, and the elevation of man to deity are all a result. Hinn is a snake looking to deceive the less discerning.


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