The Noticer By Andy Andrews

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Reviews
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The Noticer which releases tomorrow is a short book by best-selling author Andy Andrews. Not knowing much in advance about this book, my first impression was that this was an autobiographical work. Then I quickly realized this was a work of fiction that blends truth, allegory and good storytelling. The main focus of this book is perspective. It is a collection of short stories where the main character Jones challenges people to change their perspective. A cast of characters who are down on their luck and going through trying times have their lives turned around by a simple change in perspective. While I enjoyed the stories, I felt it was a little too simplistic. The book gives the impression that anyone can change their circumstances by being more positive and fun to be around. From a Christian worldview, this book had great potential to really hit some deep topics. But for a book labeled in the spiritual growth and thought category, I felt it came up short in those areas. I would consider the book more of a philosophical work. A book focused mainly on perspective does not really fall into the spiritual category. If you are looking for spiritual growth, their are far better books. If you are looking for a good short book with a positive message, then this is a book for you.


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