Some Honesty Regarding Clark Logan Please

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Christianity
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As a relatively new Southern Baptist, I have watched intently the events surrounding the resignation of Clark Logan. I don’t understand the lack of transparency and honesty displayed by the President of the Executive Committee Morris Chapman. By failing to be transparent and fully honest, it creates rumors and division. The rumors are already flying that this is about Calvinism. I really hope that there is more to the story than that. I have never really understood the great anger some show against Calvinism. The reasons I have heard just really don’t seem to carry any weight. I have heard of the animosity held towards Southern and it’s leaders for being the ” bastion of Calvinism “. I know of SBTS students whose first question during an interview is ” So you went to Southern, are you a Calvinist? “. And unfortunately if answered in the affirmative, it is the only question they get. It appears from the cheap seats as if a divide is forming on this issue.  If is is true that the issue of Calvinism played a major part in Logan’s resignation, I only see the divide growing. It is time for Mr. Chapman to put the rumors to rest by being open and honest. Unfortunately it appears as if church politics is at work. Where it becomes what is best for the people who think like me, instead of  where decisions are based on the interest of the whole denomination. Best wishes and prayers to Clark Logan and his family as God prepares him to be used in a new way.


Glad to see Johnny Hunt’s call for Chapman to be more forthcoming –

  1. TOM SPANGLER says:

    I agree this is a very good example of church politics. Some in church leadership today desires to make decisions to fire / terminate others by means of committee, but never are willing to say what the reason truly is. I hope the response that may come forth is not the : “Philosophical ministry differences” . This seems to be the response for many in church leadership as their way of being transparent. Transparency is good as well as strengthening your relationship with others. Be truthful and speak in a spirit of Love.

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