The American Patriot’s Bible

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Reviews
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I received The American Patriot’s Bible some time back to review. I have taken awhile to write this review because I was a little uncertain how I felt about it. What this bible consists of is basically a standard NKJV bible with sections added pertaining to how the Bible and Christianity contribute to our nations history. Being a person who enjoys both history and the Bible, I highly enjoyed both areas. The problem for me from the beginning was that is doesn’t feel like the two belong in the same book. It feels like it should be 2 separate books. I understand what the goal was, but the American history section adds nothing to the Bible. In fact, I believe it takes away from the Bible a little bit. As far as the quality of the production goes it is excellent. This Bible is easy to read, and is beautiful to look at. This is one of those literary pieces you lay out for everyone to see. From the vivid colors, to the nice layout, to the great pictures this Bible is great to look at. My only wish is that the two elements would not have been put together. They would be much better as stand alone books.


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