Where to Go?

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Christianity
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Okay, here is something that I am struggling with currently. When thinking about global missions, where do we decide to go?  There are great amounts of unreached people who have never heard the Gospel. Even by narrowing it down to the 10/40 window, which is the area that contains a majority of unreached peoples, the possibilities are endless. I have seen and heard from many who say to just pray and God will reveal a place. The more that I pray, the more my heart seems to be broken for multiple areas of the world. Is there even a correct answer as to where to go?  Does God have a specific place that he is calling us to go?  Or does he want us to not be so concerned about where?  Maybe, He just wants us to go. My head is filled with these thoughts and questions. I have a real lack of patience with waiting to go. I feel an urgency that calls our congregation and myself to go now. Christians in the United States have been blessed with many resources and a freedom to share the Gospel. Unfortunately, we are not living up to the call Christ has given to our lives. We are not going and spreading the Gospel.  My wish is that the American church would wake up and feel the urgency needed to spur them forward in missions. I think God may be less concerned about where we are going, just as long as we are going. Maybe we should stop worrying about how much it may cost, or how dangerous it may be. Maybe we should just count the cost and go. So where do we go?  Anywhere and everywhere that there are people lost and dying without the Gospel.

  1. This is great! My wife and I have always felt a call to missions, ever since we became Christians, and the idea of where we should go was heavy on our hearts. We were ministering for years in a small town in Wisconsin, some days wishing we could leave and other days just setting it in our hearts to be “missionaries” to suburbia. Finally, after years of faithfully going into the streets of our small town and witnessing to the lost, God did call us to the mission field, but it wasn’t how we expected. Almost a year ago, he called us to the far-off and exotic… Milwaukee, WI! At first, I thought, “God, are you sure? Remember that whole missions thing? Milwaukee’s in the US, God. They’ve got running water and electricity and things like that.” But we went, and now we’re ministering on the streets almost every day in this city, seeing God do miracles all the time. I think you’re right, the matter isn’t so much WHERE we go but THAT we go.

    God said, “Go.” If we’re faithful to go where we’re at, He’ll open other doors to go into new areas, but if we never go where we are, He’ll never give us opportunities to go anywhere else. I think we get so hung up on figuring out God’s ultimate plan sometimes that we don’t take any of the first steps in that plan, like talking to your neighbor about Jesus, or volunteering at your local food pantry, or spending some time cleaning up your neighborhood’s sidewalks. While God’s trying to tell us, “Go,” we busy ourselves asking dumb questions like, “Where?” over and over again. We’re so busy asking Him where He wants us to go to that we never hear Him saying, “Right here.”

    Sorry for the long comment, but I really enjoyed your post.

  2. Oh, I forgot to include it, but if you want to read some cool testimonies of what’s been going on in Milwaukee, I’ve been putting a bunch of them up on our blog at http://milwaukeestory.wordpress.com/

  3. Jason Taber says:

    Jake, thanks for the comments. I enjoyed reading some of your stories on what God is doing in Milwaukee. I find encouragement in seeing how the call to missions plays out in the lives of others. This call has just been stirred in me recently. So, I am in the first stages of really getting my feet wet. I will also be praying for the work you are doing in Milwaukee. Thanks again.


  4. Cool, thanks Jason, I appreciate the prayers.

  5. Mike Leake says:


    I agree that there is probably not some “mystical” answer to “where we are supposed to go”. I think it may be best to follow Augustine’s maxim: “Love God and do what you want”. If God has stirred in our hearts a passion to reach _______ then we should pursue that.

  6. Jason Taber says:

    Mike, I definitely agree. I felt like I was being drawn in more than one direction when I first posted. The more that I have reflected on it, I believe it may be that where I am being drawn was not where I expected. Thanks for the thoughts. I enjoy going through this process with you and the rest of our team.

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