Orissa Christian Girls Sold into Slavery

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Christianity
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A Christian girl who was bruised and burnt dur...

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Two years ago over 50,000 Christians in Orissa state, India were forced from their homes. In the aftermath of this persecution, it appears as if Christian girls were being rounded up and sold into slavery. Just this week came the story that a few of them were rescued. Roughly 60 girls were taken from the same area and sold into slavery. I thought how easily we forget our persecuted brothers and sisters when some new tragedy comes along. Two years later and our brothers and sisters in Orissa are still suffering. We must not stop praying for those persecuted around the world. Those of us who have not had to face this sort of suffering should cherish the freedom we currently have. Beatings, imprisonment, rape and death are part of every day life for some of our fellow Christians. Today we can celebrate the 3 who were saved, but we must remember the others who were not.


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