Time to Live Outside My Comfort Zone

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Christianity
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Southeast asia

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I have been very busy since my last post. God has really moved me outside what I feel comfortable doing in my own power. He seems to find a way to do that. In the last week, a group of over 30 people from our church spent an afternoon serving at a homeless shelter about an hour away. My time spent at the Evansville Rescue Mission was a very eye opening experience. If you read my older posts, you can see I have spent so much time arguing with people hostile towards Christianity. My experience at the Evansville Rescue Mission let me see that there are people nearby hungry for the Gospel. I was just too busy looking in all the wrong places. Hoping that our church can become a more regular presence there at the rescue mission.

My overwhelming desire and passion for World missions has also kept me very busy. A couple of weeks ago I attended a one day missions conference in Nashville, TN with four other members of our missions team. It was an amazing experience just to meet people who have given their lives to missions work. The contacts I made and the things I learned are priceless. One contact we made was for our new contact for Southeast Asia. In one of my previous posts I was struggling as to where God was leading our church to go. In the past month it appears to be very clear that God is leading us to Southeast Asia. With that decided we are waiting for our contact to actually return from a trip to Southeast Asia. We are looking to possibly go to a mainly Buddhist area in this region. Prayers are appreciated as we continue to discern exactly which unreached people group God is sending us to.

I have also finished reading a book by Ronnie Floyd on prayer and fasting. I have never fasted before, but am hoping to move into a season of prayer and fasting. I think this will be important in keeping me focused on who is in control. I sometimes feel like the responsibilities and burdens I face are more than I can handle. I need to be reminded that it is not more than God can handle, and He will receive the glory when things are accomplished. This all leaves me feeling excited, scared and for sure out of my comfort zone.


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