Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Christianity, Reviews
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Have you left the church or are you at least thinking about it?  In Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer, he attempts to help people find their way back to Jesus-shaped spirituality. Spencer better known by many by his blog name, The Internet Monk, is very adept at pointing out the problems with the evangelical church. I agree that many churches have lost their way and no longer focus on Jesus as the center. While I think the book is great in pointing many of the problems out,  I don’t agree with many of the solutions and applications he puts forth in this book. This book overgeneralizes the church as almost universally bad. Jesus established the church. So, the problem is not the church, but sin in the church. This book seems in many cases to be advocating people to leave the church, and I just don’t see that as being the answer. The early church in Acts had problems, we even see two people in the church struck down instantly for their sin. We don’t see the bible advocating the rest of the members to leave because of it. While I have always been a fan of The Internet Monk blog, it seems to me this book misses the mark in some areas. We should be seeking to remove sin and fix the problems of the church, not run out the door.


This book was received for free in exchange for this review.


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