The Whole Bible Story by Dr. William H. Marty

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Christianity

The Whole Bible Story is basically a summary of the bible in story form.  Starting in Genesis this book walks you through the bible in chronological order.  The stories are very short and succinct. While not offering anything overly deep, it is very helpful for a new Christian looking just to understand the basic storyline of the bible. The subtitle claims to include everything that happens in the bible in plain English. This statement could be a little misleading. Dr. Marty does include everything that is told in narrative form. However, for those looking for a complete overview of the bible, this book does not cover the poetry of the Psalms and the book of Proverbs. It also does not cover the instruction and teachings in the epistles. With that being said, I did enjoy reading this book. Marty offers this book in a very clear and easy to read style. Reading through this book actually led me to reading my bible, in order to find out why the story unfolded the way in which it did. I hope new Christians reading this book will have the same response, and I believe that they will. This is the type of book that can really spark a desire to dive into God’s Word. I would highly recommend this book for new believers or those who have not read the bible much. A great introduction to those overwhelmed by the bible. It is also beneficial to those who have been reading the bible for some time. It reminds us of the overall story of the bible, which can sometimes be forgotten in the desire to learn doctrine.


*I received this book free for review from Bethany House Publishers*

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