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The Story of the Bible: The Fascinating History of Its Writing, Translation & Effect on Civilization by Larry Stone is a look at the bible from its writing through modern day translations. The book gives an overview of the effects the bible has had on the world since its writing. It provides a fascinating look at the history of the bible in the early church, the middle ages, the Reformation, the foundation of the United States and much more.

This book was visually very impressive with pull out sheets that correspond with the text being read. It contains samples of early codices to samples of translations to new languages. For a history nerd such as myself, this book was pure gold. While not diving too deeply into any one topic, it provides an amazingly thorough look at the history of the most important book ever written. It is a reminder to those of us who have religious freedom the price that many paid with their lives for the translation and dispersing of the bible. Having the bible in our own language is something that most of us take for granted. I no longer take that for granted thanks to this book. The final chapter is a look at the agencies trying to translate the bible into new languages today. It is also a reminder that the work of taking God’s Word to the ends of the earth is a task still before us today. I would definitely recommend this book to all.


The American Patriot’s Bible

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Reviews
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I received The American Patriot’s Bible some time back to review. I have taken awhile to write this review because I was a little uncertain how I felt about it. What this bible consists of is basically a standard NKJV bible with sections added pertaining to how the Bible and Christianity contribute to our nations history. Being a person who enjoys both history and the Bible, I highly enjoyed both areas. The problem for me from the beginning was that is doesn’t feel like the two belong in the same book. It feels like it should be 2 separate books. I understand what the goal was, but the American history section adds nothing to the Bible. In fact, I believe it takes away from the Bible a little bit. As far as the quality of the production goes it is excellent. This Bible is easy to read, and is beautiful to look at. This is one of those literary pieces you lay out for everyone to see. From the vivid colors, to the nice layout, to the great pictures this Bible is great to look at. My only wish is that the two elements would not have been put together. They would be much better as stand alone books.

President Bush was on Nightline this week and said that he does not take the Bible literally. Once again we see another prominent person, who claims to be a Christian, who looks at the Bible as a storybook with good lessons. I am grateful for many of the positive moral decisions that he has made in the last 8 years. But that does not prevent criticism on what is really bad theology. Someone from his church needs to approach him about many of his theological views. I doubt that will happen because we live in a culture where accountability and church discipline doesn’t happen. There are prominent Christians speakingĀ  regularly in public about things that are contrary toĀ  the Bible, and no one ever holds them accountable. What happens when this is allowed to happen?Ā  Their theology just continues to get worse.

The President went on to say that he believed all religions pray to the same God. That is a heretical belief that keeps someone from salvation. So, we have a Christian man on national television sending a message that will send people to hell. Jesus is the only way and there is only 1 God, the God of the Bible. Without belief in that, there is no way for forgiveness of sins. I wouldĀ  hope someone close to the President is concerned enough about his salvation to talk with him about these statements. The interviewer did an excellent job at calling him on it. She asked him if that was true, did he pray to the same god as the terrorists who flew planes into buildings. He had to evade by saying he didn’t think that they were praying to a god. He played on the common theme that they don’t truly represent Islam. Unfortunately, they do represent what Islam really is all about.

I am to the point when I see someone claiming to be a Christian on tv that I don’t want to watch. The people chosen to represent Christianity, don’t really represent Christianity. They make us look stupid, hypocritical and just plain goofy. We have Rick Warren on tv repeatedly and never laying out the Gospel to people. We have the President not taking the Bible literally. We have Todd Bentley kicking people in the stomach on stage. Then there is Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals openly admitting his view of homosexual unions was shifting away from what the Bible teaches. We can’t forget pastor Ed Young and his 7 day sex challenge for his church. And there is Joel Osteen, enough said there. Are these the people who truly represent Christianity? It is no wonder we have lost our influence on the culture. A non-believer has no reason to want anything to do with the junk they see on tv. On CNN and Fox News the question is always asked of Christian guests, what happens to those of us who don’t believe like you. I am still waiting for someone to give the biblical answer. Without faith in Jesus Christ there is no way for your sins to be forgiven. And you will stand before a holy God who will judge you. No one can stand justified before God on their own merits. Everyone needs a Savior and without Him there is no hope of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. That message is not popular, but we must continue to proclaim it.

Women Priests

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Christianity
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Women priests in the Roman Catholic Church were in the news over the weekend. In both an LA Times article and also on The Today Show they were featured. Once again we see people who deviate from the Word of God. And when someone is willing to ignore the Bible in one area, they are sure to follow in other areas. The ordination of these women has been mostly done in secret, because it is not allowed by the Roman Catholic Church. The first lady on The Today Show is a prosecutor during the week. She admits to upholding the law during the week and to breaking the law of the Roman Catholic church on the weekends because it is unjust. The problem here is that she is breaking the Word of God that says the overseer is to be the husband of one wife. It does not say the spouse of one spouse. So obviously she has a higher regard for the law of the land, than she does the Word of God. She goes on to say that she tried to change the church for the 30 years. This is always the next step for those who don’t like something the Bible says, try to change what the Bible says. She says she lived a holy life for 30 years, never missing a mass, and being part of all the church events. This a plea for her works righteousness, she followed the law but it wasn’t working for her. She then says the church has already changed and the Vatican is just behind. I don’t know whether that is true or not, but it is irrelevant regardless. Just because a group of people believe something it doesn’t make it true.

One lady is shown providing over the Lord’s Supper. She states during this “this is the Lamb of God who comes to take away the brokenness of this world”. That statement is heresy. Jesus came to take our sins upon Himself not to fix the brokenness of this world. It then goes on to talk about how they use both male and female imagery. Then follows with the Lord’s Prayer saying Our father and mother who art in heaven. False teaching leads to false teaching leads to heresy. We don’t change the Bible to fit what we want to do.

The last lady says that the Roman Catholic church teaches to follow tradition and conscience. And her conscience tells her she is doing right. This is the problem with following anything but the Bible. Our hearts and minds will lead us astray. And we are soon following our own wants and desires. The Bible is sufficient to guide us. Sola Scriptura.

One Issue Politics?

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Christianity
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The term one issue politics has been used by Christians on my blog and in many other places. I have noticed a trend by those who use this term. They are all Obama supporters. I am really tired of hearing the phrase already. I am concerned about several issues, but some are more important than others. No one ways all issues with the same value. And in my opinion the sanctity of life encompasses more than one issue. It involves abortion, embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide and other issues as well. I think the main reason they use this term is that they really don’t want to talk about abortion because they know it makes them look bad. Every time I have asked one of them what issue they would like to talk about from a biblical perspective, I get no answer or that it is time for a change. That is a nice comment, but what do they want to change? They say I don’t want 4 more yrs of failed Bush policies. News flash, Bush can’t run for a third term. I know some people who read this site will not like what I have to say and might stop reading my blogs. It has happened in the past. That is okay. Here is my challenge, bring your issues (because apparently you have more than one) and bring your Bibles to back it up.

The problem we have today is that we have to many squishy Christians, term used loosely, who are willing to let certain issues slide. Too many people are Christian mainly in name, but not in deed. Welcome to the world of post-modern Christianity where people have forsaken traditional Christianity and traditional values. I agree on one thing, Obama is the candidate for change. Unfortunately, I believe the changes will be bad for Christians. Gay marriage, abortion on demand, and the fairness doctrine are all bad from a Christian worldview. Also trying to follow what the Bible says is not legalism, because I have had that term tossed my way too.