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Living Dangerously

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Christianity
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I listened today to the opening convocation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The sermon given by Dr. Mohler got me thinking. The subject was on the year of living dangerously. I think many of things he challenged the students with applies to us as well. We assume this easy Christianity because we live in the United States. But the enemy is all around us and we don’t even realize it ( 1 Peter 5:8 ). We need to realize that Satan desires to devour us. The more we step out in faith and into leadership, the greater he will come at us. We live is dangerous times because many don’t even realize they are in a spiritual battle.

Dr. Mohler then went on to challenge the students to be dangerous. That is my challenge to you today, be dangerous. As a church, stop being reactive and start being proactive. We need to start making things happen. People in your town should know that your church is dangerous. They should know that your church will take a stand for what it believes. They should know that when your church is involved in something, people’s lives will be changed. We need to boldly proclaim the Gospel every chance we get. When and where God says to go, we go.

God is working in my town and yours. Figure out where He is working and meet Him there. Step out on a limb and live dangerously. Be diligent the enemy never stops working. No one ever claimed it would be easy on this side of eternity. Paul defends his apostleship by telling of all the terrible things he had been through for the sake of spreading the Good News ( 2 Corinthians 11 ). If you have never been out of your comfort zone, maybe now is the time to step out of the boat. Live dangerously. To live is Christ to die is gain.