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I am tired of the excuses Christians use for not being faithful. Must we depend on the big churches with all the resources to do all the work?  No, all sizes of churches should be involved in the mission. First of all, too many large churches depend on their money and vast resources to get things done. They may accomplish what they have set out to do. but without depending on God, the Holy Spirit is not involved in it. We can do wonderful things in the name of Jesus, that are rubbish in His eyes. On the flip side, too many times churches don’t do anything because they don’t have the resources. If that church decided to be fully dependent on God, they could do abundantly more than their resources allow. Too many times a church will not follow the lead of the Spirit, because of budget constraints. Either the budget is not based on where the Spirit is leading, or the church is holding on to ministries that are not bearing fruit.

The most common excuse used is, ” I am not good enough.”. Despite what some believe, none of us are good enough on our own. We come to Christ with nothing to bring, it is only to the cross we cling. No work of our own hands is good enough for a perfect and holy God. It is only through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13), that we are able to accomplish His will. We need to stop relying on the next church growth plan or the next model for effective church ministry. We need to sit back and start listening to where God is leading us. If all your resources were gone right now, would you still be able to effectively minister?  Go to New Orleans after Katrina, and you would see which churches were depending on resources and which were depending on God. Resources come and go, But God is forever. Today, evaluate your church and yourself. Who are you relying on?