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Where to Go?

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Christianity
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Okay, here is something that I am struggling with currently. When thinking about global missions, where do we decide to go?  There are great amounts of unreached people who have never heard the Gospel. Even by narrowing it down to the 10/40 window, which is the area that contains a majority of unreached peoples, the possibilities are endless. I have seen and heard from many who say to just pray and God will reveal a place. The more that I pray, the more my heart seems to be broken for multiple areas of the world. Is there even a correct answer as to where to go?  Does God have a specific place that he is calling us to go?  Or does he want us to not be so concerned about where?  Maybe, He just wants us to go. My head is filled with these thoughts and questions. I have a real lack of patience with waiting to go. I feel an urgency that calls our congregation and myself to go now. Christians in the United States have been blessed with many resources and a freedom to share the Gospel. Unfortunately, we are not living up to the call Christ has given to our lives. We are not going and spreading the Gospel.  My wish is that the American church would wake up and feel the urgency needed to spur them forward in missions. I think God may be less concerned about where we are going, just as long as we are going. Maybe we should stop worrying about how much it may cost, or how dangerous it may be. Maybe we should just count the cost and go. So where do we go?  Anywhere and everywhere that there are people lost and dying without the Gospel.


Comfort or the cross?

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Christianity
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Has the American church traded in obedience for comfort?  I believe  we have. One needs to look no further than the average church budget. You will find that a majority of churches spend far more money on buildings and facilities maintenance than they do on evangelism and missions. I believe what has happened is that we are living like an old testament church in a new testament age. We are trying to build our churches (temples) bigger and more fabulous in order to draw more people. However, the new post-Pentecost church is not called to see how many people we can fit in a building. We are called to send out as many people as possible. Matthew 16:24 tells us that we are to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Christ. But what we see throughout the American church is self-indulgence and comfort. We must get back to a place where we embrace sacrifice and suffering for the sake of Jesus. The presence of God no longer dwells in a building. Every believer is a temple with Christ dwelling in us. The time is now for us to stop waiting for the lost to come to our building. With Christ in us we need to be going out and reaching the lost. Now is the time to go to Jerusalem and Judea and to Samaria and to the end of the Earth. To do so we must forget about our comfort and embrace the cross.