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Biden on Abortion

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Christianity
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Sen. Biden was recently on Meet the Press. Midway through the interview, Sen. Biden was asked a question about when life begins. During his answer he said he was prepared to accept the teachings of his church, the Roman Catholic church. He said he was prepared to accept that life begins at conception. All good answers up to this point. But he then goes on to say that is his personal judgment, and he would not impose that on others in a pluralistic society. That is the worst possible answer I could have heard. Sen. Biden is basically admitting that abortion is the taking of life, because he believes life starts at conception. But he is unwilling to tell others that they can’t take that life in our pluralistic society. So he is perfectly fine with someone making the choice to take innocent life. I have more respect for the person who contends that human life starts at a later point. He goes on to say that he doesn’t support public funding of abortion because that flips the burden. That is great, but his running mate does support public funding of abortions. In the long run, I think Sen. Obama’s opinion would win out if they are elected.

Sen. Biden has a very slippery slope he is walking on. If the taking of human life is a choice he can live with here. Where does he draw the line?  Euthanasia is not far behind. Does taking the life of the elderly or chronically ill also become a choice?  When we get to the point of devaluing life to a choice, anything is possible. We have become a throw away society where the only thing that matters is self. If having a baby is inconvenient, get rid of it. If being married is inconvenient, get a divorce. If the pastor speaks too tough, go to a different church. We need to recognize that there is a moral right and wrong. We need to recognize that our morality should be set to the standard of God, not our elected officials. Our Supreme Court has in the past, upheld slavery and determined that blacks did not count as a full person. Do you want them telling you what is right and wrong?