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Homosexuality is a major topic in our nation, in our churches and in our homes. How are we as Christians to deal with this issue?ย  First of all, I believe that the Bible teaches it as sin. We need to treat it as we do any other sin. We did to condemn the sin, but we also need to lovingly help the person who is struggling with it. Too many times the church is prone to eat their own. We cast aside those who have committed adultery, been divorced or are struggling with homosexuality. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the only unforgivable sin. Homosexual sin does not automatically send a person to hell. We need to teach those in our churches who struggle with homosexuality what the Bible says about it. Then we need to help them find ways to overcome that sin. Unfortunately, most conservative churches are unwilling to have an honest discussion on the topic.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the churches who condone it. Or actually promote is by ordaining gay clergy. This leads many to believe that their sinful behavior is alright. This is a dangerous road to lead people down, because God says He will eventually give people over to their sin. The church must preach and teach about sin. It can’t avoid talking about sin just because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

With that being said, today I saw a story that reminded me of the struggle that happens even in our churches. Several days ago, I wrote about my experience at a Ray Boltz concert. Well today I found out that he has announced that he is gay and is proud of it. His 30 year marriage to his wife is over. He says that God created him that way, so why shouldn’t he live that way. He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe God will send him to hell for acting the way God created him to be. It was very sad for me to hear this news. This is a man who created some great Christian music that has ministered to many. But I just could not believe the words he said. We are all born with a desire to sin, that is why we needed Jesus. We can’t just live a sinful lifestyle because we have a desire in us to do so. Ray can be forgiven for these sins, if he repents. I will be praying that God convicts Ray of his sins. As we think about this, remember that we have all had sins we needed to repent of. And that our wonderful God will forgive us if we do. Lets not elevate on sin above another.