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The answer to the question above is both yes and no. No one church can make a difference apart from the power of Christ. Yet, any church can make a difference when empowered by Christ. I look to start blogging more regularly again. My small church is going to be busy in the next year plus trying to make disciples of all nations. I hope to document not what we do, so much as what I see God doing through us. The journey will include trips to Thailand and the Northeast US. Also not forgetting good old Jasper Indiana, as we kick off Impact Jasper this summer.

I know this – God intends to reach all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has chosen His people to proclaim this message. So, we may go forth in confidence knowing that no matter how difficult, some will be saved from every people group. He is powerful and mighty to save. I implore everyone, that where there are ears to hear, we would proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The work is not easy. The journey may be hard, but eternity is at stake for many. Stay tuned and may God by glorified in all that we do.

Theravada Buddhism is highly respected in Thai...

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After much prayer and deliberation, our missions team has decided that God is leading us to Thailand. Now begins the process of praying about which people group we are to focus our attention on. For sure this I know, the Gospel is needed in Thailand. Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Unfortunately, the Thai people are a friendly people who at this point are yet to follow Jesus in large numbers. They are a people who believe in a mixture of different things, with Theravada Buddhism playing a major role in most areas. My heart breaks for these people stuck in this false religion. I am eager to go now, but know that I must be patient as we go through the process.

I have no doubt that God will place us where we need to be. Whether it is in the mountains of the North, the beaches of the South, the high plateau in the Northeast, or on the streets of Bangkok, God’s glory is the main goal. The goal is to do that by helping established missionaries already on the ground. But for now the plan is to begin a time of prayer and fasting.